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Stop Wasting Money and Make Marketing Your Biggest Asset 

Millions are wasted on advertising, websites, and marketing plans with no emotional connection to their audience.

I was a plateaued business owner spending money on marketing and not feeling certain it was working that well. What I really wanted was to feel certain that my marketing was an asset and not this big expense.

I wanted people to be as excited as I was about my business​ and have customers love what I could do for them.

To Entrepreneurs, Speakers, & Business Owners.

The thing is, I was figuring out that my "marketing" needed direction and people wanted to emotionally connect. It meant people were unimpressed with "Me-Too" products and selling features and benefits.

To make things worse, I was spending money in all the wrong places.

I felt worse about the situation because customers were craving more from me, but I wasn't sure how to share in a common cause. I felt cheap, like one of those fast-talking salespeople portrayed in the movies.

The problem was that I needed to have a strategy I could rely on and feel deeply connected to. Sadly, I had to close the doors on a company that built the 2nd Windows-based software in Canada (yep the second!). I was VERY disappointed because it was a fabulous business idea that had legs to grow. But it was brand-less.

Thumbs Down

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

That's when I bumped into a CMO friend from Unilever who shared with me that connecting emotionally with people meant having long-term growth!

​It became crystal clear to me that building a brand, not just a company, was the way I could connect with people, rather than selling and pitching them.

Research Findings

of why people buy from a brand


named “value” as the leading factor in determining loyalty when interacting with brands


of people cite shared values as the main reason they have a relationship with a brand


said “authenticity” is the most influential factor in becoming a follower

I also learned that having the best product, or nicest logo, or most expensive website doesn't mean you'll be successful in business. There are so many ways to bring out emotion from your business - and those won't do that for you.

As a result, I interviewed other CMO's. Read books on brand strategy, archetypes, and emotional connection in business. I developed my own brand strategy FRAMEWORK.

The Purpose of Brand Building Is To...

brands connect emotionally | Tom Hudock

Connect Meaningfully

Brands Clarify Design | Tom Hudock

Clarify Design

build culture branding

Build Culture

Brands Drive Sales | Tom Hudock

Drive Sales

Suddenly, I was helping businesses grow by uncovering what they stood for, their archetype, and strategy. That growth proved that the brand framework worked by consulting for many, many businesses.

That's when I realized... this brand strategy framework needed to be shared.

But there was still a problem...

marketing strategy course

... how do business owners, speakers, and entrepreneurs, figure this out for themselves WITHOUT an expensive brand strategist or marketing agency!

Basically we brought this to the point where they could easily create their OWN brand strategies.

We decided to convert the brand strategy framework into an online project that would make it easy for EVERY business to start building a brand.

After putting 10 years of expertise in, we chose to call it:

“The Smartest Brand Primer”.

brand building online course

Physical products

Tom just can't stop himself from having ideas - great ones, creative ones. In one short meeting he gave me a ton to think about, new framing of problems, and ideas for business development.

Suzanne Heron 
Blue Heron Enterprises

Speakers and authors

While we had the knowledge and expertise, even published books and presentations, we needed to bring out the real meaning of our brand and establish ourselves in the digital world.

Charmaine & Rebecca 
Raise a Dream

Tourism destinations

Working with The Smartest Brand Primer was a rewarding experience. We now have a defined brand that tourists, and our residents, love to talk about.

Peter Welkerling 
West Koot Route

Technology companies

This was instrumental in helping me quantify and clarify our company brand. Loved it so much, I framed the strategy and made it part of our employee initiation.

Sean Wallbridge 

Here's What You Get With

The Smartest Brand Primer

You will find answers on building your brand, such as:

  • Why a strategic framework turns your marketing into an asset
  • Why making consistent and aligned business decisions equates to growth
  • Why uncovering what you stand for will attract long-term customers
  • Why making emotional connections is your differentiator, not "features and benefits"
  • Why you no longer need to do this alone

But First, You Get Gifts For Taking This Pre-Launch!

Consider this a little something from me to you...

Brand Hacking: The 3 Core Brand Principles

First up is my new book, Brand Hacking: The 3 Core Brand Principles.

I went through previous brand clients to find the ones growing in revenues and making a name for themselves, and it turned out that 78% of them had in common just 3 brand principles. So instead of showing you a million different ways, we wanted to focus on the MOST essential things.

In this book, you're going to discover what 3 principles in building a brand are and how they were used.

Here's a few cool things we cover in this book:

  • A simple, thought-provoking book about 3 core principles you need to focus on when building a brand and wanting growth in your business. (No BS. Just the fundamentals you need to go from where you're at right now to where you want to be next year...)
  • The 3 principles I've used to successfully brand businesses, which resulted in more effective marketing campaigns before the thousands of dollars were spent... and how you can hack these BRANDS to create your own strategies in any business
  • The almost magical "competitive difference" principle I've used for 7 years to have brands stand out in a way no other business does with a unique approach... all without needing an agency's Creative Director... (in fact, if you take this approach, you can actually use this for all of your marketing & advertising!)
  • How "features and benefits" can be easily replicated and why using these to attract customers in today's competitive markets will result in failure and thousands of dollars spent on marketing without positive results
  • How to use a brand framework to make consistent decisions that favour your business strategy... just like what polished brands use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to maintain consistent messaging
  • Why yelling louder may get noticed for a brief time and drive up expenses, but it won't result in long-lasting growth or wooing customers
  • Showing real world examples of brands exposing their inward significance to better express themselves outwardly and setting their business apart from the competition
  • How creating a brand strategy works in retail, online, technology, fitness, tourism, events, and in practically every industry and market conditions
  • How brand strategies are used to rally staff behind a common goal, align marketing communications, and give designers and internal marketing common direction for creative work
  • How to harness the power of all 3 principles in your business and use them to create powerful marketing that resonates and sticks with people​

The Ultimate Creative Brief

Next is The Ultimate Creative Brief...

This is one of the most powerful steps to the marketing process... the clear communication to marketing professionals.

This Ultimate Creative Brief will actually SAVE you money...

Here are a few of the amazing things you'll be able to do with this brief:

  • You will be given FREE creative brief templates to specify your marketing objectives...
  • graphics designers, website developers, advertisers, and marketing consultants...
  • A great creative brief leads to imaginative and persuasive ads, websites, videos, and social media posts. And gets you there quickly.
  • Easily populate your creative briefs using your brand strategy from The Smartest Brand Primer. What's a strategy if you can't effectively share it with people who need to execute on it!
  • Stop wasting money with ambiguous or wordy objectives that cause designers to pull their hair out AND spend your money trying to figure things out.
  • Learn how to express your creative and marketing objectives with specifics on how your audience should think, feel, and do.
brand questionnaires

Here's What Happens When You Take The Program...

The Smartest Brand Primer provides the framework and tools for building yourself a brand. The program gives you our BrandKey methodology in an easily consumable way. The online course imparts actionable steps and wisdom so you can increase sales, focus your team, connect emotionally with customers, and direct all marketing and advertising efforts with a strategy.

  • For entrepreneurs, speakers, and business owners
  • 8 online lessons, you can get done in less than 60 minutes each
  • These sessions include video, tools, and downloads
  • You gain access to the Archetype Selector, Intelligent Questionnaires, and BrandKey framework
  • Each lesson is followed with educational emails and insights

Course Structure & Action Plans

Here's a quick look at the Action Plans you'll have access to (remember, as a member you get one new Action Plan every week).

How To Find Value In Who You Are

Rediscover the value of your roots and insights about your business.

Action Plan 1

Define Your Personality With Archetypes

Uncover your biggest unique difference. Be unique with an archetype.

Action Plan 2

marketing strategy course

Know How To Not Be A "Me-Too"

Know your tribe and competitors so you’re not a “Me-Too”.

Action Plan 3

Build An Entire Strategic Framework

Learn how to create your own BrandKey framework and how to use it.

Action Plan 4

brand questionnaires

How To Make Decisions With A Framework

Understand how to use the tools to make decisions that put your brand first.

Action Plan 5

Start Being Creative and Put It Out There

Learn how to use your framework for creatives and designers.

Action Plan 6

Let Me Show You Everything You Receive When You Join The Smartest Brand Primer Today!

  • Maximize Design Costs with the Ultimate Creative Brief ($179 Value)
  • Brand Hacking: The 3 Core Brand Principles ($229 Value)
  • The Smartest Brand Primer ($999 Value)

This is what it would cost to have a branding specialist work with you.

Total Value: $1,407.00

BUT Because You Are Getting This Digitally

AND This is Our "Getting Started" Pricing​

You Begin Today For


(Shipping Is Covered When Mailing You The Special Gift Offer!)


We are committed to giving you a learning experience you will find highly valuable in building your business. Within 15 days of beginning the project, if you think this isn't for you, for any reason, we will give you a full refund. It's as simple as that.