Brand Building, Together

Let's Build A Brand, Together

The Brand Building project combines the speed of online tools with one-on-one expertise, so you can quickly build a brand primed for future long-term growth. Your brand will attract customers who will know what to expect of you and what they will experience when they use your products and services. Your brand should precede and underlie your marketing efforts -- in the beginning and until you retire or sell.

This project uses our BrandKey framework delivered via online tools and one-on-one consulting to allow you to create a Brand Strategy. Each Action Plan in this project draws out knowledge and expertise from you, which will be discussed and utilized as we go through the consulting process individually or as a team.

  • Uses our proven BrandKey framework
  • ​Builds a Brand Strategy for long-term growth
  • Works for bricks & mortar, consultancies, entrepreneurs, and online businesses
  • Uncovers what makes your business truly unique
  • Moves away from selling "features and benefits"

This project contains:

  • ​Four one-hour consulting sessions online
  • 6 online Action Plans, you can get accomplish in less than 60 minutes each
  • Online tools include, the Archetype Selector, Intelligent Questionnaires, and BrandKey framework
  • Each Action Plan is followed with educational emails and insights

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