6 Secret Strategies of Successful People

Sometimes in life… we lose motivation. This happens to most of us at some point. When you can’t find the slightest desire to get up and do something with your day, project, or even life.

And we have something to blame…

Failure makes us that way. Losing a customer, messing up a speaking gig, or not being able to get a business ramped up can kill the motivation inside us. It can take us from hero to zero. And this drains our energy and inspiration. This is when you feel the “monotonous routine” setting in.

But if we look around and observe, there are those who have failed, yet continue to be successful - we hear stories when they didn't have anything but they kept fighting. Many would say having that "fight" is what keeps them going, but I disagree.

6 common routines successful people built into their daily lives

If you survey successful people, you'll find out they have a set of commonalities and routines they have figured out that continuously give them the energy in the morning and throughout the day; give them the "fight" to leap over struggles and failures; and achieve more over a long period of time.

I have found there are 6 common routines that successful people have built into their daily routines that improve their lifestyle and health, as well as, accomplishing a ton.

1. Morning Routine

​By routine, I don’t mean the boring, same-old-feet-dragging chores you see on commercials selling toothpaste and hair gel. I have pulled together a set of morning routines from researching what uber successful people use and fit them into my lifestyle. They had to be simple and I had to feel an actually physical effect from using them. 

Once I wake up, the first thing I go for is water. We need about 5 - 8 glasses of water daily so this gets the first one out of the way. Drinking a glass of water wakes up the sleepy edges of your body and brain and freshens you up. Next, I do a light workout or yoga to maintain muscle and wake up the body.

These activities, in fact build our physical, mental and spiritual health.

Self-meditation and thoughts of gratitude are also very important – I believe one must be in closest relation with themselves in order to help others. You must be able to embrace your weak points, your mistakes and your problems in order for the best solutions. After spending 30-45 minutes on my body and mind, I make myself a breakfast which mostly includes protein powder, a non-dairy non-juice drink, lemon juice, a little syrup for taste, and maca powder. When I fall out of this routine, my body responds and let's me know.

2. Stay Positive and Celebrate

​This might sound like that positive thinking mantra. But you will only know its worth it once you try it. While failures can feel like negative energy and it's not very easy or convenient to stay positive in tough times. If you think about it, if it were so easy, wouldn’t everyone do it? Out of 100 people, 3 will find the motivation to stay positive. I have had many set-backs and I feel a huge difference in my life now that I am following this new strategy. It makes me more productive. Failures teach us more than success. They help us find what we did wrong, making us stronger.

Treat yourself and celebrate after you complete the task.

It is also very important that you celebrate little things and achievements. If you’re working on a project or travelling around to meet customers, you have to treat yourself and celebrate after you complete the task. It helps you remain positive and gives you some good energy to keep moving forward.

3. Drop The To-Do List

There is nothing more debilitating to reducing your chances of taking massive action​ than To-Do lists. For most, lists turn into a dumping ground of ideas and tasks you thought were needed at the time. I've often wondered how much time is wasted making sure every task is done - whether it would spring you forward or not.

​Successful people perceive their work differently.

They imbue purpose into their daily lives. This is the "why", the emotion behind anything they do. You know why To-Do lists are boring and life sucking? Because it's too hard to see our grand, inspiring purpose through that mess.

And successful people have a ton of things to accomplish, people to give direction to, and to keep their own lives in tact. ​They may not get all their tasks done but they know they are going in the direction of their purpose.

4. Requisite Breaks

Stressing over something is not going to help you find a solution. It will only make it harder for you to get through your day. One accurate way to relieve stress is taking requisite, much needed breaks through out the day. Taking a 5 min stretch break or a 15 min walk or doing something which helps you relax can actually increase your productivity. When we continue to work for more than an hour, our brain starts to lose focus. And then we only mess things up –spending time over nothing! Wouldn't you want to spend more quality time than quantity time on your work. So do not forget to take breaks in between the tough hours.

5. Enjoy Yourself​

Whenever we think it is a "job" we have to do, a task we have to "get done", or uninteresting duties to take care of, we do not perform at our peak performance, not even as good as we typically can. And it shows when we present poor work habits, being easily distracted, and low energy output. When we observe successful people, there is an energy of excitement or vibration even during potentially high stressful situations. And do you know where the difference comes from? It comes from passion for what they are doing. If you enjoy what you do, your brain performs almost ten times better than otherwise.

6. The Pareto Principle​

I also recommend following the Pareto Principle, also known as 80/20 rule. I've heard this being used by the likes of Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, and more. According to this principle, if you take action on 20 percent of your tasks that will result in accomplishing 80% of your outcomes, then that's where you spend your focus, wealth, and energy. For example, if you could give value to 20% of your clients and that resulted in 80% of the sales for a year, would you spend your time on building relationships with that 20%? You bet!

Successful people keep their focus on the 20%.

Successful people keep their focus on the 20%. And this actually works. It certainly has for many of them. They have huge plans and aspirations, which they know not all of it will be accomplished. But they know 80% of it will be.

Motivation can push you past failure​

If you've ever had failure strip away your motivation, this could be the routines that kick failure to the curb. If any of the above sound like you could implement in your daily life, ​then you're making a choice to improve your business and your life.

Ask yourself — Are you ready to start priming your motivation as part of your daily ritual?​

​Is the thought of never trying something new more frightening to you than the potential of accomplishing great things? Then make the decision to enhance your life with routines that successful people have shown to have worked for them. And find a way to keep these routines in your day to day.

It's for the ones who want consistent motivation and energy, and for the ones who have no choice but to grow and improve their lives and the lives of who they touch.​

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