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Tom Hudock released his strategic framework, The Smartest Brand Primer, which uncovers what your business stands for and accelerates your growth. No matter your type of business, I help you to stop wasting money on marketing and make it your biggest asset.

Tom Hudock


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Tom Hudock is an entrepreneur, creative strategist, and growth advisor. Authority on organizational growth, personal development, and marketing, he has been an advisor to owners, managers, and teams for more than 20 years.

Wouldn't the most important decisions in your life be to...

Connect with people from a deeper place,
Solve problems much quicker,
Pursue your intrinsic why,
Have your partner or spouse feel loved, and
Build your immune system to function healthily?



Joshua and I were having a fatherly heart to heart and realized both of us were looking for an outlet for fathers to connect openly and safely with other fathers who are looking to become better dads, husbands, entrepreneurs and men...
...Without all the macho nonsense.


When you invest in youth, you are creating meaningful change in the world. The Rethink Thinking Foundation helps empower youth, educators, and parents to become collaborative, critical thinkers and problem solvers for the complex, open-ended challenges youth face tomorrow. Tom is a co-founder of the Rethink Thinking Foundation and an advocate for youth inquiry learning.